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Vyla’s Taylor joins IFCN Dairy Supporter Conference Panel

Tim Taylor’s tech background informs his approach to dairy. Through thinking globally and thoughtfully, Vyla gets its edge.

Vyla’s Tim Taylor understands what it’s like to be an outsider. But being an outsider comes with benefits and fresh perspectives — and the humility to do the job thoughtfully.

In Taylor’s tech world, he had two key questions to ask when moving into a new area: “What’s the global problem?” and “What’s a missing solution that hasn’t been done before?” With Vyla and the dairy industry, answering these questions is unique because stakeholders are farmers: you.

Guided by the principles of acceleration, integration, and collaboration with the industry, Vyla aims to fortify the dairy ecosystem by changing both the culture and the tech of this space. By pulling together as a collective, Taylor is confident that all boats will rise with Vyla’s tide.

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