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LWR Partners with VYLA to Connect Manure Data with Dairy Stakeholders

Calgary, AB – (Earth Day - April 22, 2022) Livestock Water Recycling (LWR), the innovator of data-driven, waste-to-worth manure processing systems, has partnered with VYLA, a cloud platform built around collaboration. Part data platform and part catalyst for a transformative dairy movement, VYLA is the thread that connects the farm, the supply chain, and the consumer in the interest of elevating the industry. LWR is thrilled to be part of the industry community that VYLA is developing with their suite of supply chain software apps that ­bring connectivity, transparency, and collaboration to the dairy and agriculture ecosystem.

 Today is Earth Day and an important reminder that we are all connected to a common future on the planet we all call home. VYLA operates using a shared platform that helps dairy producers identify process inefficiencies, leverage data insights for better forecasting, and scale their businesses for continuous growth. Through increased visibility, consumers, retailers, processors, suppliers, and producers are empowered with confidence and trust. The platform allows users to capture and share insights and data from their farm, including factful information around progress toward demanding sustainability goals.

 Manure impacts nearly all facets of the farm - from soil health and crop yields to animal care and antibiotic usage, environmental stewardship, CI scoring, long-term succession planning, and the financial bottom line. While manure data is a valuable tool for nutrient management planning and regulatory compliance, and as the basis for emission inventories, this data is often scarce, old, or poorly documented. By integrating manure data into the Ascend app, producers will have access to another helpful metric that can be easily aggregated, shared, or used for a multitude of planning purposes.

 “VYLA’s goal is simple: to collect information and perspectives free from any bias and share with all of us involved in producing, processing, selling, and consuming dairy products. With this knowledge, we believe our industry will begin its next great chapter — one built on trust, traceability, and progress” says Tim Taylor, VYLA CEO. 

 “We see incredible value in a connected dairy ecosystem, and we believe that collaboration can create new growth opportunities for dairy producers while offering peace of mind to consumers who are demanding transparency at every level of food production. By working together, we can offer robust insights to every stakeholder along the dairy value chain” says Karen Schuett, Co-Founder, and CEO of LWR. 

 LWR is proud to join three of the world’s most forward-thinking dairy companies — NestléLand O’Lakes , and Lely Group — who have also partnered with VYLA to raise the standard for the industry. LWR is VYLA’s only manure partner.


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About Livestock Water Recycling

LWR is an award-winning global innovator of the on-site fertilizer PLANTTM. This patented technology platform provides hog, dairy, anaerobic digester, and food processing operations the ability to selectively extract particles from biosolid stream allowing for the best use of the liquids - recycled clean water, fertilizers, biogas feedstock.  LWR’s approach to water treatment achieves triple-bottom-line outcomes: meeting the growing demand for food, increasing farmer profitability, and protecting the environment and public health. LWR’s fertilizer PLANTs save farmers time and money by providing them with a cost-effective solution to manage manure and bioliquids in a sustainable manner. LWR has systems operating throughout the US, the Middle East, and the United Kingdom. For more information, visit:

About VYLA

VYLA is an enterprise software company serving the food ecosystem with data aggregation, connecting technologies, and decision analytics. The company is committed to the acceleration of digital transformation and sustainability in the food industry. VYLA was originally founded in 2020 and focused on the needs of the dairy industry through sponsorship by Nestle, Land O Lakes, and Lely and now works to serve dairies and companies across the dairy supply chain. For more information, visit:

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 Lisa Fast

Marketing and Communications Manager - Livestock Water Recycling

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