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World Soil Day

I bought a small Colorado farm about two years with a dream of raising grass-fed beef. Two friends and I started our little herd with a few WagyuAngus cows and a steer.

I didn’t know anything about farming so I started researching how to raise beef, how to manage the land and, ultimately, this led to the key issue: soil. 

My grazing land had never been disked or plowed. A soil test showed that we had 4.2% organic matter. I didn’t know if that was good or bad. 

It turns about that for every percent of organic matter present the soil can store 25,000 gallons of water per acre. The soil, it’s millions of organisms and the water work together to grow the grass. Resist drought. Feed the cows. The animals in turn manage the soil and the grass. Teamwork.

I’m not a soil scientist but I love the idea of Collaboration in every ecosystem!

Today is World Soil Day. It matters for every human. Soil health, water management, sustainable agriculture and feeding the world are strategic issues. 

In celebrating soil I’d like to introduce and applaud my amazing western Colorado-based soil management team:

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