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World Milk Day

Today is World Milk Day. 

I am thankful to have been in DairyTech for the last six years and to have visited hundreds of dairy farms in countries around the world.

On my farm visits what strikes me is three things:

First, the amazing work ethic and commitment of the farmers and the farm teams.

Second, the farm team’s respect for the animals that produce milk.

Third, the acceleration of digital transformation that is taking place on farms around the world.

The “software defined dairy” is becoming a reality and is helping farms improve, and prove, their sustainability profiles. Vyla is honored to be one of the many companies contributing to digital transformation in the Dairy ecosystem, contributing to this amazing food product.

Happy World Milk Day!

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(thanks to Walt C. and Torsten Hemme for the featured image of the Dairy Farm Tech mapping).

Dairy Tech Map